September 28, 2005

Nun Terrorized by Terror Watch

When will governments learn that a false positive is also a failure? Sister Glenn Anne McPhee is a 62-year-old Dominican nun and she oversees Catholic education in the United States. However for months she was unable to fly anywhere without massive inconvenience like Senator Edward Kennedy, and many others unfortunate enough not to have their political connections, her name found it's way onto a terrorist watch list. Sister McPhee was able to get her name removed, unlike most people, because she had the political clout to call up the White House (not really an option for most people). Like Sen. Kennedy she ended up on the watch list because a man suspected of possibly being connected to Islamist Terror had at one point used her name as a pseudonym, and no other reason.

Security is a trade off. Absolute security is an impossibility. There is a reason that we have, or rather had because of New Labour, the concept of 'innocent until proven guilty' as it gave the best tradeoff since most people are innocent, are not going to cause harm and should be free to go about their business without state molestation.


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